Institute of suigetsukai(Support organization for developing areas of Asia)

In our daily life, if people would stand the position of others, to thinking or doing something ,how wonderful it is!

Since our organization was founded at shyowa 41(1966), no matter polity and religions, we did support for developing areas and countries of Asia Which is our main project, also built schools, offerd schlarship to someone who has difficulty in livelihood, helped patients and so on.
Especially,between Japan and China, separated only by a stlip of water, the communication of two cultures was frequent, like Buddhism,since ancient time.
From 1990 to 2017, 19 schools were built in developing areas of China. Students between two countries started to communicate with each other by letters, the support for schools had been developed, and moreover, students began visiting each other. Besides, in Viet Nam, Bengal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal, we also built one school in each of these countries.
Furthermore, some organizations and people that introduced by us, also helped us building 9 schools and gymnasium, library and kindergarten.

We are planning to build schools, in Vietnam and India after 2018. The people who has love, please get together, to helping more and more people who needs help.

We hope you could help us to do this valuable work.